Conservation of the Circle is the most basic dynamic in nature and the most important discovery, insight, and thought paradigm, of all time.  Physics, psychology, philosophy, mathematics, and life, (symbolic systems universally) demonstrate, and prove, duplicity of the unit (the circle is conserved). Thus, the explanation for both science and mathematics (and, also, religion) (politics, economics, cycles in history) (constant opposition).

    Quantum entanglement (a circle) is the hidden variable (the constant) in physics (technology, biology, symbolic systems universally). Two (not-one) (duplication, negation) (complementarity) explains everything (identity, relativity, entanglementuncertainty, quantum physics, gravity, observation, representation, recursion, reflection, translation, transformation, computation,  markets, exchange, reproduction, perpetual motion, absolute zero, sex, death, comparison in general). Reality articulates a circle. (Between any X and Y a line is both diameter and circumference of a circle thus two (not-one) is the natural limit in all directions) (hidden circle explains and controls reality) (basis for 0-1, M-F, Y-N, T-F, X-Y).

    An asset is always a liability, and vice versa (the core assumption in nature), giving us: Absolute Intelligence, Common Knowledge, Common Sense, Intellectual Capital, Quantum Entanglement, Quantum States, Complementary Opposition, War and PeaceTime and Space, Gravity, Relativity, Uncertainty, Identity Vanishing Points, The Square as a CircleTime as the Enemy, The Master Algorithm, Conservation of the CircleThe Circular Theory, The Informational State, Life and LoveRisk and RewardOpportunity in general,  also known as  The Nature of Nature (The Dominatrix). (Read any and-or all of these to prove you already know everything about everything). 50-50 explains it all (Circle of Fifths: Guide to the Circular Theory Books). Shortcut: IlexaYardley on Twitter or The Enlightened State (Half Bad, All Good).


    The Master Algorithm: Grand Unification Theory (for physicists) (now on Amazon)